Bad news: the follow-up to “Chapter One” is “Chapter 11”

As hard as it is, it’s time to inform you all officially of a decision that was made two weeks ago:

Since last Sunday, 09.09.2012, there is no more ShC! 🙁

The exact reasons for this will remain among outselves.
Most important, is that the band was amicably LAID TO REST. (sic)

Our final appearance as ShC took place recently at a wedding, and although it was not fully appropriate as a final show, we enjoyed the evening very much, and of course wish the happy couple all the best!

The site will remain active for a long time…just like that… 😉

So now it’s time for the final goodbye.  As a visual symbol of this momentous occasion, we present you with the following picture as the last ever picture of us all performing as ShC. Huge thanks go to all the fans that supported us over the years, and in particular all those that were ever involved in ShC (if we find the time, those people – you know who you are – will be eternalized in a final thank you video).

Thanks to one and all. The memories shall be dearly treasured.


P.S.: for the last farewell, feel free to use the comment-section below…

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ChromeSkull and more…

From 26. April, the long awaited “ChromeSkull: Laid To Rest 2” is available to buy on DVD and BD! And what’s even better is that our awesome Video is included in the Extras!

This was for the label, I-ON New Media, reason enough to start a competition on their Facebook-Wall:

“To support the release of Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2 we’ve created a special contest. We’ll give away 4 signed copies of the album Chapter 1 – Spontaneous Human Combustion from the band ShC (Secondhand Child). On the album you’ll find the song LAID TO REST, the song which can also be heard in the movie. All you have to do is share the video clip link with your Facebook friends and let us know in the comments below. The deadline is Mai 20th, 2012.”

All the best with the competition and to the winners, have fun with the CD! 🙂

By the way, at the moment we’re thinking about whether or not we should do a casting show, something like “ShC’s next top drummer!”, since until now, unfortunately we’ve not met Mr or Mrs Right….

Having said that, we’d still like to give big thanks to all the guys that have tried out with us so far. You guys were all proper geezers, even if in the end things didn’t quite fit together. You at least showed us that there’s a lot of talent out there, and that it’s only a matter of time before we find the missing piece of the ShC puzzle!

In the meantime we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to count on the continued and much valued support of Dave PI Drum Legend” Preissel.
Thanks Daaaave!
We’re looking forward very much to the next couple of shows with him. 🙂

So. In case you forgot:
We’re still on the lookout for Mr or Mrs Right-Drummer!

In other news, at the the end of May we’ll play a small private gig (big thanks to No Mute for the invite) in order to be warmed up for our next live show in June! We can already tell you that it’s going to be in and around Muttenz somewhere but at the moment that’s all we can reveal…

And last but not least, a cool youtube fanvideo from user ChromeSkullFan:
Many thanks for your song review! As of now, the phrase “a real hammer horny song” is firmly lodged in our vocabulary! 😉

Until next time.

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ShC-Gig this Saturday, June 16th

As announced in the last news post, and as promised, here are the details for our next show in Muttenz (BL) this coming Saturday:

The MANIAC MC BASEL (directions on the homepage) are celebrating their 5th Anniversary, and we’re the un-billed surprise guests! Actually only “surprise” since the flyers had already been printed before we were able to commit to the show!

In addition to ourselves, FIRE ROSE will be rocking the gaff as well! Should be a good party guys’n’gals!

Be there!


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“Rock the Teens” Showcase with ShC…unplugged!!!

We’ve been invited to the first “Rock the Teens” Showcase @ Jugendtreff Metro (Wiesendangen). This whole event will take place tomorrow, Saturday March 3rd.

Since we’re still looking for the perfect new person on our drums, we gladly accepted this invitation. So, for the first time ever, we’ll be performing a few songs from our CD “Chapter One: Spontaneous Human Combustion” as unplugged-versions!

Besides that, we’ll be interviewed by Label TV and there’ll be a “Meet & Greet” with us and the other performing artists:

We’re looking forward to having a great party with you all and will certainly enjoy this new experience!

See you tomorrow…cheerio,

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