After a few fun-packed years of playing punk-rock, going through a band
name change and finally finding a long sought after second guitarist, ShC
was born in late 2005.

This new entity is comprised of K (vocals), Tillian (guitar), Jo (guitar),
Marc (bass) and Philipp (drums): five of the coolest guys, hell bent on the
on rocking their audiences and sharing a great time together.

After a bunch of shows in and around Basel honing their their new form, in
the summer of 2006 the boys set to work on their debut studio album. The
album, “What do you live for?” was recorded in a blistering seven days at
Little Creek Studios by V.O. Pulver & Franky Winkelmann (of gurD fame) and
was released in early autumn the same year.

Sound wise, and up until this point, the early punk flavour of the band
had always been the main theme, with just a smidgen of groove metal
stylings. Moving forwards, the sound evolved somewhat, flipping to become
more metal laden with a nice lacing of punk for good measure.

In 2007, the (movie nerd of the) boys stumbled across a movie called
“Postal” and after K (the aforementioned movie nerd) having written both a
song inspired by the film “Going Postal” and a review of the film, the
director of said movie, Dr. Uwe Boll, was approached to see if he’d mind
the boys making a music video based on footage from his movie. Much to the
boys delight, he agreed. One year later, that music video, named “Going
was included in the special features on the European DVD and BD
release of “Postal: Director’s Cut”. Great stuff!

The following months were rather subdued in the ShC world. Due to various
personal obligations the songwriting process was slowed down somewhat and
the band decided to take it easy for the time being. They played a couple
of great gigs in 2009 , great in the fact that despite being a little
rusty, the crowd had a great time, flying around all over the place.

In 2010, ShC are breathing life back into the band and getting back on
track with a sizable chunk of new material and several gigs planned. In
early 2011 the band are planning a long awaited return to the studio to lay
down the new songs for the follow up album to “What do you live for?”.
In the meantime, ShC fans will be able to download for free, a new EP
entitled “We’ve never been here…” This includes the songs “Going Postal”
and another secret bonus track. (that our live followers will surely
recognise). As a special treat this EP will also include a few choice
remixes of the tracks from the first album.

This on-line release is a litte taste of what’s to come from the ShC boys.
A nice little bridge from the first album to the second!
Keep up with us at and go get the EP right here, right now!

Enjoy! 🙂

K (vocals), Stevie Boy (vocals), Thrillian (guitar), JoLion (guitar), Pasci (bass), TBD (drums)